Successful Experiment

A week ago, all eyes were on Jordan, watching parliamentary elections take place while the entire region is engulfed in bloodshed and killing.

For Jordan to reach this point in these turbulent times is a big success. Yet the challenge was even bigger. There were those fighting change in every possible way and eager for the elections to fail. There were also those who want chaos so they can rule from the rubble and who also tried hard to make the elections fail. In an ironic way, the two opposite forces were united in their attempt to harm the country.

However, the government and the Independent Election Committee worked well and the people were mature enough to know that reform cannot be done without proper elections and a new parliament.

It was very smart to have unbiased international observers give objective reports on how transparent and successful the elections went.

Minor errors occurred, of course, as expected and happening all over the world, yet the results were positive and confirmed the high level of transparency of the election process.

Many tried to ruin the image of the elections through their supportive local and regional media channels, but despite their efforts, at the end of the day, with the support of the international observers, results speak louder than rumours.

I’m very proud of the whole experience and will keep on saying Jordan is a role model for the region, and will always be.

Jordan is a poor country, with no resources and no stable surroundings, yet it managed to achieve what no other country around it did.

Yes, we can do more and we will do more, but we will never start from zero. As His Majesty King Abdullah said, “there are no losers when a country wins, we are all winners”.

Deema I. Alam,

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