The unreachable campaigns


In the previous two years and with the social media revolution, many companies and organizations felt left out if they were not present in this virtual world of the youth. So a great demand was created for social media marketing companies. However, there was a limited number of companies who can actually do such work, many IT specialists started up small companies to fulfill the need of social media experts in the market.
They started promoting themselves as gurus of Facebook, twitter, …etc. Mr. Fixit and Mrs. Do-it-all-for-you.

What’s so sad though is the lack of professionalism those companies are offering. We all know social media became a world of its own, people do express their freedom of speech that we were not used to before and some have frequently abused this freedom for personal gains or to reflect their prejudices or political opinions. This has led to many, if not daily, social media conflicts. The owners of these small companies have failed to separate business needs from their own personal conflicts.
When a company subcontracts a “social media expert” to do their job they expect a professional work that would benefit the company, not personal gains or personal war zones on their official accounts.
It is sad to see how many so-called experts are abusing the trust of their various accounts, companies can usually fend for themselves but some are handling social media accounts of Royal initiatives, non-profit organizations, museums, or governmental health campaigns and should have no right to disregard people just because they personally dislike them or disagree with their political or personal views.
All those initiatives and campaigns are directed to all the Jordanian people and should not be held hostage by the personal opinions of the social media experts they hire.

Until we have capable professional social media experts that can cover the market demand I urge all companies, initiative supervisors and organizations to follow up and closely supervise what those so-called social media experts are doing, and who they are inviting to your events and more importantly who they are intentionally avoiding. You hired them to promote your services, to reach out to as many people as possible and to spread a positive image about you, not to ruin the reputation that you have spent years to build.

Deema Isam Alam
Twitter: @Deema22


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2 responses to “The unreachable campaigns

  1. I totally agree Deema.. to add to your points.. I don’t believe in the term “social media expert” at least not before another 10 years.. But who’s avoiding who? Please let me know if there’s anything I need to pay attention to..

    • Thank you jansait.

      It’s sad to see how many social media companies are abusing the trust. If they like you they invite you. If they don’t you are not invited.

      This is not why they were hired from the first place

      That’s my point