A True Story

I Just finished a very weird conversation  with a 7erak member who keeps cursing Jordan and feels reform needs to take more serious steps
I realized the Guy works for a reputed private sector company and gets thousands JDs as a basic salary
My question to him was?
If you got you job fair and square then our youth should feel they have a bright future as you are an example of success
But if you got your job by Wasta then you are part of the corruption you are trying to fight
Do u know what was his answer? 
His answer was that he got his job because of Wasta and that he knows the founder
Seriously I had to pause and think? Is that guy for real?
He is using Wasta and is corrupt yet cursing the government for something he is doing and proud
It’s sad how some people think they can get away with their lies and corruption by being opposition as this has been the case for sometime
Thank God despite all their attempts Jordan stayed strong and safe 
God bless you My Jordan 
Deema Alam Farraj
(A true story all conversation with this guy available )
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6 responses to “A True Story

  1. Abdalla omoush

    What he means by he knows the founder !!! Is it our problems with corruption and wasta come from this founder he knew???

    • thank you abdalla for your comment

      my point was if he believes wasta is a wrong thing, he should start by refusing any job through wasta and get a job because he fits the post, not because he knows the manager or the founder

      he should be a role model for the people

      he should practice what he preaches

      thanks again

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for your kindness reply
    In my view there’s corruption in Jordan in both public sector and private sector , and only way to stop it by roll of law and open a compliant office for any one who denied a job and investigate all complain fairly in courts.
    This person is a hypocrite ( منافق) who did exactly , what he said its wrong

    • Thank you again that’s my point exactly

      Corruption is everywhere and the worst is Wasta which we all did use at least once.

      I do believe reform should not only include government and public sector we are a main factor

      If we reform our selves in parallel we will reach out to better results ASAP

  3. Imtiaz Ali

    Hi Ma’am,
    Hope everything is fine there and you are doing very well..
    Actually this (Wasta) happens all over the world.. Corruption has destroyed all of us..