The King’s Interview

It was quite interesting observing the various reactions to His Majesty King Abdullah’s interview with the Atlantic. It quickly became the top story and the “breaking news” to many news sites and news stations, despite all the killing in Syria, Palestine and Iraq. It was the top story despite the chaos in Egypt and in Tunisia. An interview that took place six months ago was still the headline… Something is not right.
As a Jordanian, it just proves to me the strong political stand Jordan has, it proves to me that President’s Obama’s visit to Jordan this weekend is a big threat to many international and local players. The visit of Obama will go far to strengthen the powers of Jordan regionally and internationally. That’s not good news to many.
The article caused this big fuss as many people read the interpretation of the article first without reading the article itself. His Majesty has always been clear about his vision. He talked many times about being strict when it came to his own family. He is very keen to keep the Hashemites as we have always known them: modest, practical and a role model to all Arab royalties.
His Majesty has written many discussion papers to give us an overview of what he hopes our future would be. He spoke to us frankly about the three-party system, the way we should choose our candidate based on ethical principles and programs and the future role of the monarchy. I can only say that we have a civilized, modern king who is ahead of us in his views and ideas about reform. Despite all the failing attempts to manipulate what His Majesty said 6 months ago, we are never more united, determined and looking forward to our brighter future.

Deema I Alam
Twitter : @Deema22


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  1. I totally AGREE WITH YOU 🙂 Jordan and the king will always be strong no mater what 🙂