The Blame Game is Over

In the past two years, while observing the Jordanian political scene with its combination of protesters, cheerleaders, new youth movement and some politicians, one thing really stood out as strange; if you watch the interviews, read the articles and listen to the speeches and rhetoric of the voices of what I call “the sudden opposition”; those who were considered the political figures and decision makers in a previous era and are now using their fame and clout to create an opposition bubble around each of them. Those politicians that had disappeared for the public eye for a while and have now suddenly started proclaiming their visions and strategies for a better Jordan, free of corruption and nepotism. As if they hold a magic wand to all the problems in Jordan. Well, here comes the one-million-dollar question: “Why didn’t you guys do all those things when you were in power?”
The answer is invariably a blame of the system or others who were around them. So we ask them why didn’t you resign if you could not get these changes done? And again we go back to the blame game and we never get real answers. No effort was shown to take any responsibility whatsoever for their shortcomings.

What is shocking is that I seriously expected to see those names on the street billboards of those running for elections. They overwhelmed us with how much they know About how to “fix” Jordan and how they will turn Jordan into a country free of corruption, unemployment and poverty.
These elections gave them their chance to do those proclaimed noble deeds, yet they decided to stay at home and continue preaching from their armchairs. As a Jordanian, I would like to tell them the Blame Game is over. It is time for all of us to work on improving our country in spite of our personal responsibilities. Their papers and articles are of no need to us at this time. They just show us that these politicians are all talk.

Well, actions speak louder than words, Jordan is moving forward, with or without them, they have made their choice as we made ours. We have a leader whose vision made us avoid the bloodshed of the Arab Spring and put Jordan onto a road for success. We look forward to a bright future and without fear of the unknown.
Now it is our turn and our responsibility to help pave the way for a better future. Let’s choose the right candidates to represent us, new faces are on the scene, a promising mix will be in our new parliament. I am hopeful, but always remember that bad politicians are elected by good citizens who do not vote.

Deema I. Alam

Twitter: @Deema22


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10 responses to “The Blame Game is Over

  1. احمد الصمادي

    hi… Fantastic article in every word you typed the duty of every one to go and elect the best thank you and gad bless you

  2. أردني حر

    الله يعطيكي العافية وما قصرتي – حان الوقت للوقوف بجانب الوطن الذي احببناه وبختلافنا سواء موالين او معارضين – فالوطن محتاج لنا

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